Architect Newbury Berkshire
Architect Newbury Berkshire
Architect Newbury Berkshire
Architect Newbury Berkshire
Architect Newbury Berkshire
Architect Newbury Berkshire

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Sustainable Developments Using Sustainable Products & Techniques

Absolute Architecture is dedicated to using the best in sustainable products and techniques. That is why we continue to research more sustainable developments, products and techniques. In this way, we can are able to bring elements of trusted sustainable design and development into your home.

Good ‘green’ architecture is not just about low carbon materials and clever technologies but about fundamental architectural principles of mass, orientation and ventilation. Great environmental design results when these factors come together to inspire people to adapt to more eco friendly ways of living. 
Kate Cooper

Are You Ready To Change The Way You Live?

Absolute Architecture welcomes customers who are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. What we bring is valuable experience of designing houses that comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes. Wherever possible, we will implement the energy saving measures that will also save you money.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

At Absolute Architecture, we believe in the fundamental importance of reducing the impact on the environment from construction. That’s why we design buildings that are healthy to live in and kind to the environment. With us looking after your footprint, you can make sustainable living part of your lifestyle.

Download The Absolute Architecture Guide To Sustainable Design (pdf)...

Discover A Greener Lifestyle

At Absolute Architecture, we fully endorse more sustainable ways of living. To help you make greener choices at home, at work and on holiday, here is a selection of some of the things we like:

What Green Home - Reviews of eco homes for sale
Eurban - Eco friendly solid timber building systems
Living Roofs - Independent site promoting green roofs
Quiet Revolution - Small wind power
Big Green Switch - Advice on adopting a greener lifestyle
Low Carbon Buildings - Advice about low carbon building technologies & grants
Eco Merchant - Supplier of environmental products
Natural Deco - Source for natural decorating products
Modabode - Designers of the prefab e-bode
Ecos Organic Paints - Non toxic paints and decorating supplies
Lime Technology - Sustainable building solutions
Lhoist - Tradical Hemp/lime based building products
Eco Build - Worlds biggest event dedicated to sustainable design
Energy Saving Trust - How to act on your CO2 footprint
St Martin Chalets - Fantastic innovative alpine eco resort. Where we go to relax.

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